BBS Research Topics Selection

While selecting research topics, we should be aware and work on our interest areas. Our whole report is based on how we select our topic and research procedures in that topic. So, we should follow our research topic selection in a process as under :

  • Brainstorming for an ideas (particularly group like account, finance, marketing)
  • Easier topic should be selected which we can interpret and provide meaningful finding
  • Relevant topic based on our scenarios ( no hypothetical cases)
  • Make sure data can be collected and research materials are available
  • Prepare questionnaire before going for research
  • Discussion with our teachers and mentors
  • Online searching for past reports in similar field

Few of the topics are as follows:

  • Women Entrepreneurship and its development
  • Micro Finance and Local enterprises
  • Retail Business in Nepal
  • Fast Food chain in Nepal
  • Online marketing / Digital Marketing Impacts in current Nepal’
  • Capital Structure decision of XYZ Company
  • Operation management of Hotels/Hospitals
  • OYO / home stay business
  • Ride Sharing Business in Nepal
  • Changing technology in commercial banks
  • Tourism in Kathmandu
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Credit Management in commercial banks
  • E-Wallet business and its prospects
  • Merger and Acquisition of Banks
  • Microfinance and commerical banks

While selecting particular topic, we should ask ourselves few questions

  1. What do I want to Study ?
  2. Why is the topic important ?
  3. How is it significant within the subject areas covered in my class ?
  4. What problems will it help solve ?
  5. How does it build upon research already conducted on the topic ?
  6. What exactly should I plan to do, and can I get it done in the time available ?

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