Agency Problem in Unilever Nepal Ltd.

Unilever Nepal faced the agency problem in February 2012. Workers at Unilever Nepal Limited (UNL) have shut down its factory in Hetauda after failing to resolve the wage issues with the management.  The management issued a press statement saying that the workers were paid salaries much higher than a First Class Officer of the government was.  UNL is a subsidiary of Hindustan Unilever, an Indian company and manufactures products like soaps, detergents and personal products for the domestic market and exports to India. Unilever Nepal faced agency problem in different period of time. Agency problem is not new issue for Unilever Nepal. Many times, there arises conflict between employees and management.

Mr. Bindu Raj Khanal assigned the research along with our team Kiran Kumar Bharati, Sanjaya Subedi, Suraj Kumar Tamang and Surakshya Sharma. The findings were as follows:

Date: May 2018
Trimester : 1st 
Subject :  Business Economics and Analysis
Time given : 2 weeks
Topic : Agency Problem in Unilever Nepal Ltd. 

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