Industrial Statistics and its Prospects of Nepal

Economic growth of any nation is directly attributed by Industrialization. Thus, industries are the backbone of any economy. From providing employment to utilizing available local resources, industries have improved the living standard of people in the country. Department of Industries published Industrial Statistics for 2075/76 which includes the following statistics based on the various aspects of Industry in Nepal.

On the basis of Industry by Category

Industry by CategoryUp-to 2075/76 Registered in 2075/76Registered in 2074/75% Change
Agro and Forest Based 469272222.72%
Energy Based37647
Information Technology592124-12.5 %
Manufacturing3017118130-9.23 %
Mineral6914-75 %
Service2187102114-10.53 %
Tourism1732117159-26.41 %
Total7967436496-12.1 %

On the basis of Industry by Scale

Industry by Scale Fixed Capital (Rs. in Million) Up-to 2075/76 Registered in 2075/76 Registered in 2074/75 % Change
Large ScaleMore than 250111282785.13%
Medium Scale 100-2501731907618.42%
Small Scale Upto 1005124264342-22.80%
Total7967436496-12.91 %

On the basis of Industry by Province

ProvinceRegistered Up-to 2075/76
Province No. 1745
Province No. 2531
Bagmati Province5359
Gandaki Province719
Province No. 5459
Karnali Province38
Sudur Paschim Province116

What to do to improve Industrial Sector in Nepal ?

  • Industries which uses locally available raw materials should be established and promoted.
  • Sectoral Collaboration between Agricultural and Industrial Sectors is needed to increase mass production
  • Develop Infrastructures required for Establishment and Operation of Industries
  • Increase production through enhancing Competitive and Absolute Advantages of the sector.
  • Develop and Promote Special Economic Zone, Export Promotion Zone, Industrial Corridor to make Nepalese Industries more competitive and promising
  • Skilled Manpower should be motivated, employed and trained to operate industries.
  • Create Attractive and Feasible Environment to attract more Investments including FDIs
  • Price of Industrial product should be made competitive as compared to neighbor countries imports.
  • Industrial sector should be liberalized and Open Market Policies should be initiated to reach the optimal capacity.
  • Foreign Returned Human Resources should be given employment and Loans should be provided at cheaper rate to contribute in the industrial sector.

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