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Various Article study and their review based on my personal studies. Basically these articles are from HBR that are collected from by study.

I have been helping many friends online in preparing BBS final research report and also their proposal. I have added few samples on this site too.

Subject wise numerical solutions are divided into various sections. The questions are solved in our classes and are from my own study materials.

Monetary review, fiscal budget analysis and review of current economy are included here. I have been studying them since last 5 months.


Highlights of Monetary Policy FY 2077/78

Maha Prasad Adhikari, Governor of Nepal Rastra Bank ...
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Budget Highlights : Fiscal Year 2077/78

Prioritised the health sector in the wake of ...
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Mid Term Review of Monetary Policy 2019/20

Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has published the mid-term ...
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Nepal – Doing Business Report 2020

Doing Business 2020, a World Bank Group flagship publication, ...
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FDI Flows and its Prospects in Nepal

Nepal aims to become a middle-income country and ...
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Industrial Statistics and its Prospects of Nepal

Economic growth of any nation is directly attributed ...
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Agricultural Sector and its Prospects in Nepal

The contribution of agriculture sector (agriculture, forest and ...
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Remittance and Foreign Employment in Nepal

Nepal received Rs. 879 Billion remittances in the ...
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The SPACE Matrix and its implications

SPACE Matrix is an acronym of Strategic Position and Action Evaluation ...
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Strategic Issues in Not-for-profit Organizations: Strategic Analysis and Choice

Peter Drucker says: Twenty years ago, management was a dirty ...
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Strategic Issues in International Business : Strategic Analysis and Choice

The Three major strategic issues businesses has to address are ...
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Grand Strategy Selection Matrix and Grand Strategy Cluster : Strategic Analysis and Choice

These two matrices are for business level strategyIt helps us ...
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GE 9 Cell Matrix: Strategic Analysis and Choice

GE Nine Cell Matrix is absolute expansion of BCG Matrix ...
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BCG Matrix : Strategic Analysis and Choice

BCG Matrix is a business tool, which uses relative market share ...
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The Cadbury Report 1992: Insight on Corporate Governance

The Cadbury Report 1992 was first produced by the Committee ...
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Eight Mistakes Leader commits that makes employee Quit

Algorithms are becoming increasingly relevant in the workplace. From sifting ...
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