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BBS Report and Proposal Writing

Report and Proposal writing is very important in our academics as well as professional life. With IT taking over the World, Research and Development are now integral part of corporate businesses. Here are some samples reports and proposals. 


Numerical Solutions

Apart for providing report writing ideas to friends online, the site includes various numerical solutions as well as techniques for solving problems related in accounting and finance. In the sections, friends can also add questions and discuss on the solutions. 


Article Review

 Basically these articles are from Harvard Business Review which I’ve collected from my research and study. Article reviews are important  form of critique of another writer’s article or journal piece. It examines credibility, relevancy and significance of the study materials.


Business Environment 

Nepal is a developing economy. Country has been seeing a good development arena since last decade. We have a good 7% increase in Economy with GDP Rs. 3.484 Trillions in the Fiscal Year 2019/20. But, Post COVID-19 situation is going to be hard for economy.


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